I hope my post is not redundant. Many of the titles used make it difficult to determine their content.

I am looking for a good tutorial on cookies - I think. I'm new to this stateless kind of development.

Briefly, I would like to store ID key in a cookie and evaluate this cookie in /redirect.jsp to determine the redirect URL.

Any help appreciated.

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I think what you are looking for is a way to handle Sessions in a JSP page. Rather than using cookies you can transfer content from one JSP page to the next by using the Session object.

Of course you can also do it with cookies, but using the Session object I think would be far more simpler for your cause


I haven't decided between them yet. I was thinking that a cookie allows me to determine if a user has an account, and from that I can pull necessary data from the datastore. Also, I can access them from java script and pull data in an AJAX fasion.

Thanks for the links.

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