This is a nice free tool that Microsoft released to help out Web Developers. It's a WYSIWYG development tool that kind of looks like Visual InterDev/Visual Basic.

From Microsoft's site:

An article from "The Register"

That has an extreme resemblence to Visual Studio .NET. More then that... the same EXACT development tools are in Visual Studio .NET.....

Hmmm.. if we were doing this the legal way... FREE or $400.00? Which would you want? heh

Oh really? Yeah, but a lot of features are missing I hear (there would have to be). Not to mention all the other external tools that Studio comes with and documentation. Definitely looks like a handy tool though. Going to definitely try it out.

Still... great for newb's that don't want to invest a lot to get started. Also another plus, Matrix is only a few megs, Visual Studio .NET is 600+ (depending on what you choose to install). HD Space is always an issue here.

Remember when you showed me an app you were working on? I think it was a db of people you knew or something. Anyways, what was on the heading part? I remember there was a humongous string value that seemed encrypted... What was that? It seemed to be there for no reason.

oh the _header? Was some dumb thing in the .net framework to help for page refresh's. I didnt need it... i cut it out on the next ver.