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Didn't know where else to post this. So i have a table called portfolio and in this table are 6 fields(id, image, project, location, description and category) which already have information in them(79 rows). There are 11 categories which need their own position number so i added another field called position so that when they are called with php they will be positioned in the order i want them to be in. When i added this position field and looked at the table it gave me nothing but 0's (zeros) in every row. How do i assign a specific number (ie..1,2,3,4) to each category?


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Your question isn't clear so that's probably why you didn't get any answers. You can use PHPMyAdmin to edit the records and insert whatever value that you need or you could get fancier and write a program but unless there will be a lot of change, it's probably not worth the time to do that. If your need is more complex than this then you need to state your question more clearly and completely.

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