hi all there !
I have problem with java file object that when ever i want to delete a file from the server i have check whether its exist or not for this i get fileObject.getAbsolute path but it return me wrong path but i get path from db a give to file object although it give to error no file exist

my code the below

Thanks to in advance if not mind ?

// out.println("B4 try sk");
ResultSet rst=null;
ArrayList imgPath=new ArrayList();
ArrayList imgNam=new ArrayList();
//cUser is current user who log on to system

String query ="Select * from imageinfo where userName like'%" + cUser +"%'";
int count=1;
}//end while loop

String usrid=session.getAttribute("usr").toString();
String serverFolder="D:\\";
String imgID=request.getParameter("p1");
String usrID=null;
String location1=null;
for(int ii=0;ii<imgPath.size();ii++)
// usrID="\\"+usrid+"\\"+"\\"+imgFold.get(ii).toString()+"\\";
location1= imgPath.get(ii).toString()+"\\"+imgNam.get(ii).toString();
File fi=new File(location1);
//out.println("Cononical Path \t"+fi.getCanonicalPath());
// File newfile=new File(fi.getCanonicalPath());
out.println("Cononical Path \t"+fi.getPath());
boolean success;
// String fipath=fi.getAbsolutePath();
success= fi.delete();
out.println(" file at \t"+location1+"\t does not exist");

out put it generated is "Cononical Path C:\Documents and Settings\shahbaz\jbproject\skpiat1\Tomcat\ D:\shahbaz\Family \Eyes.jpg "
But actual path is "Path from db is D:\shahbaz\Family \Eyes.jpg "

plz plz get me out of this horrible daemon

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Thanks adata for repling but it will not give me real path its allow me only absolute or cononical path which give not accurate path

I did't get you about real path. Do you want to a path of file or folder in your web application?

I did't get you about real path. Do you want to a path of file or folder in your web application?

Thanks for reply :
dear i pass a path that come from mysql like
"D:\shahbaz\Friends \abc.JPG"
to file object .
When get path from object to check file exist on path or not ; file object return me false.
and when i try to getabsolutepath or getcononicalpath it give me
output like this
"C:\Documents and Settings\shahbaz\jbproject\skpiat1\Tomcat\ D:\shahbaz\Friends \1.JPG"

how do get exact path up to folder in D:\\ drive

hi adata !

In short i want file object return me this path inorder to get absolute path ( D:\shahbaz\Friends \1.JPG) which i give it to file object instead of this
("C:\Documents and Settings\shahbaz\jbproject\skpiat1\Tomcat\ D:\shahbaz\Friends \1.JPG")

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