I would like to know whether i can use the phpBB package with my current system configuration....

*Windows 98,XAMPP

Can I use it to develop the offline intranet application which has all the features of the site though is for use within a Lan.

how to install the package (step to step )

Expecting concern and considertion from the members/Guests...


Yes you can use phpBB except that you just cant use mail() if I am not wrong.


Thanks for the mail and cud you plz help me step to step in setting it up.
I request your concern and i remain


Actually I would like to know how to main use of phpBB,install,configure and setup and try learning using it...

I think it helps reduce playing around with silly small logic of application importance and gives a ease in developement...

I xtracted the package to temporary directory ,then moved it to folder recognised by web server ...but then got flattered...

I would like your step by step guidance...and would like to chat with you too

Thanking you in advance for the consideration,brother(taking the freedom to address you 'brother') and looking forward for your concern.

I remain
Harish Balakrishnan Marar
Yahoo id:hb_marar

I just set up phpBB and made some customizations for someone a few days ago. I'd be happy to setup phpBB for you and/or walk you through it... but, I'm hungry & would have to charge $
Contact me if interested: jc@mediaphyte.com

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