I posted this earlier, but its not showing up now... sorry if I end up double posting.

Anyway, I got a problem with one of the main users of some php software I release.

They are getting errors on imageftbbox and imagettfbbox that are in my software. Their phpinfo shows that they have GD installed with the options activated. When searching around for the problem I found a solution that direction to do a makeclean before reinstalling.

He's contacted the owner of the machine, and they are not willing to reinstall php for him.

Is there something I/he can do to diagnose or even fix the problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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He's contacted the owner of the machine, and they are not willing to reinstall php for him.

Nope, there isn't. GD has been built into PHP since 4.3 which is crazy-old. If the host isn't willing to update PHP then I'd say find a new host.


Why have they bothered installing GD and are now happy that it doesn't work. His hosts don't sound very helpful to me. Perhaps he should switch host. The problem seems to be theirs not yours, however, I'm not an expert w.r.t. this.


Sorry Shawn, simultaneous post by the looks of it.

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the hosting is free... they basically have to sit at the bottom of the barrel for help. Occasionally when the service center has problems with heat they will actually just shut his box off for awhile since they give priority to their paying customers.. which makes sence, not complaining =P

Its just odd they it says GD is installed, but none of the functions worked, I was hoping there was a way to re-declare them or something...

The reason I was trying to help out with the problem is the software I release actually directs traffic back to my site, which feeds my advertising and pays for my hosting. The better my software works on their machines the closer I get to meeting my hosting goals, I'm in the red right now =(

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