Hi, all!
I run in PHP процедуру MSSql-procedure:
$Stmt= mssql_init( 'ProcName', $Con );
$Result= mssql_execute( $Stmt, true );
if ( !$Result ) {
echo mssql_get_last_message();

The problem is that if this proc generate an error(for ex breaking the unique index),
mssql_get_last_message() gives "The statement has been terminated." but not the description of the error.
That description I get in the my PHP error-handler function which is defined in
set_error_handler ("ErrorHandlerFuncName");
So I have to make some global variables (sessions and so on), but I do not like this way.
In I can get that error in some other way? PHP 5.0.4, MSSql 2000.
Thank's in advance
Nilov Serge

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u can see here too

val542, this is the 4th post from you I've seen in the last 5 minutes that is either inaccurate, not applicable, or not complete. The link you posted is what I already posted in my response. Reposting this link does not serve any purpose unless you are simply trying to increase your post count.

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