I installed IIS server, all the components (framework and wotnot), and finally Visual studio .NET 7.0 (2003)

When I run an ASP.NET Page, I get the following error...I tried everything but in vain :( can u help me out plz?


make sure that iis has the same version of asp.net as yer vs does.
are you running it against a database? did you stick a config file in the same directory for debuggin?

I use the IIS that comes with windows XP Professional 2002.

ASP.NET version is 2003.


the iis on a winxp cd is usually asp 1.0, current (up to date) asp.net is like 1.1 i believe so you need to check if they match up or not, just google iis upgrade 1.0

Thanx Guys for all your assistance :)