I have a menu.jsp included in all the jsps. When I click a link in the menu it calls the respective page and the menu.jsp is also refreshed.
I want to write a java script to highlight the menu link that was clicked. But since the menu jsp is refreshed every time a link is clicked I am not able to show the highlighted link.
Below is the script I am using to highlight the menu link that is clicked

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
var lastrowObj="";
function addArrow(rowObj){
if(lastrowObj != ""){
lastrowObj.cells[0].innerHTML = "&nbsp;";
lastrowObj.cells[1].getElementsByTagName('A')[0].className = "greybg";
    lastrowObj.cells[j].className = "greybg";
rowObj.cells[0].innerHTML = "<img height=7 src='images/rezadminimages/arrow.gif' width=12>";
rowObj.cells[1].getElementsByTagName('A')[0].className = "highlight";

rowObj.cells[i].className = "highlight";


Is there any way I can get the value of the link that was clicked even after the page is refreshed.