I am in my final year in the university and about to do my final year project. I would be very happy if anyone of you can suggest an idea that I can implement with PHP. Thanks in advance.

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Yes IE is the apitomy of browsers.

I just had to read through posts on a forum to work out why some jquery wouldnt work the same. But i managed to find the solution posted by someone else.

I guess if you were testing in IE as you went along it should work ok.

Maybe you could come up with a simple way to view all your social network accounts in one place. So if someone clicks an icon they go to a domain where all the social network accounts for that user are listed.

They could update it via their own admin panel with a simple md5# login screen.

Just an idea :-)


I developed an online auction website for my final yr project. It's a pretty good project to do - lots of potential for interactive and business-like features.

And to add to that - in my opinion, for a final year project it shouldn't really matter if a jQuery feature doesn't work with a certain version of a web browser... So long as you can explain why it may not work, perhaps providing an alternative feature or workaround for older/incompatible browsers!


Thanks but I am not sure my professor will accept that because one of my seniors developed something like that last year.


How about a media site? Users join and add their favourite urls to various videos and online mp3s (all remotely hosted). Users get to post the url and site in a form. You do some tinkering with the url -> object that gets embedded. Same with the mp3. Get a robust player for files not hosted in the big sites, e.g. flowplayer. Users can share their playlists etc. All data stored in a DB. Just a thought. Get a forum joined on to it, e.g. phpBB3.

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