I need help on my project that
1) what are the administartor privilages?
2) what are database except Customer, Product & Transaction?

Your question isn't very well worded. But I'm guessing you are asking what database tables should make up your database. That depends entirely on what data you are trying to capture. Generally you would give the table a name that descriptively explains what the table stores whilst keeping it short. So if you had an application that recorded customers and their orders you would have tables for Customers, Products, Orders and at least one more for recording the individual items that make up an order.
Does that make sense?

yeah got it...One more addition for cart details...OK
Do i also add some tables like catagories, featured products, etc.

We can't help you with these questions without knowing depth what you are you are trying to do. You need to make the decision based on your requirements and what information you want to save and use. If you want to be able to link products to certain categories then yes, you will need a data store that allows you to do that.