hello i want to display lable value but not show lable value.here my code

<asp:Label ID="username" runat="server"><a href="Myaccount.aspx?userid=<%= Session["Id"] %>" style=color:#FF9900 /> </asp:Label>

if i remove session["id"] then lable name display but i need session value.

like this <asp:Label ID="username" runat="server"><a href="Myaccount.aspx" style=color:#FF9900 /> </asp:Label>

this is working fine but i need session value. kindly tellme as soon as possible thanks....

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You can simply redirect to the MyAccount page and then it uses the session value to load the appropriate data. If you are going to another page in your own site passing a session variable as a parameter in the URL is really not needed.

ok thanx alot..

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