I am using Telerik RADupload component in my asp.net website. I have noticed a strange behaviour.

Whenever the webpage loads for the first time a browser is opened, the first upload I do, the file does not upload (Though the progress bar shows that the file is uploading).

From the second upload onwards, the selected file gets uploaded. This is until the browser is reloaded. Then this issue occurs again.

I am using Visual stuodio 2008 for development and Radcontrols for asp.net ajax q3 2009 net 20.

Please help

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Have you tried the Telerik forum ? Have you tried upgrading to the latest RadControls ?

Have tried the telerik forum. Am not able to get any help from there. I will try to upgrade to the latest radcontrols.

hi pritaeas, thanks for your suggestion. I upgraded to the latest radcontrols and that sorted out the problem.

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