I just recently created a new Default ASP.NET Web Application and it had quite a few pre-built forms for me. One being a Login.aspx form. I've worked with these before where I created the users using the ASP.NET Configuration but I would like to learn to leaverage ActiveDirectory for this. I went to this article and went through all the steps to "retrofit" the existing login page. I then uploaded the project to my localhost and started playing with it. This is the point of where I'm having multiple issues.

  • Instead of the Default.aspx page loading like it did before I modified the login.aspx page, it now automatically goes to the login.aspx page and I can't go to any other page without it redirecting me to the login page.
  • The line of code for the LDAP:// server is a bit vague to me and I don't quite understand it.

I'm hoping that somone here can help me because the users on Microsoft's ASP.NET site were not.