I installed Drupal 6 in my web root folder...now for my facebook app (in PHP), I have kept that App folder (non-drupal-folder) under the root....but when I try to access that app either it shows index page for drupal site or sometimes error "Page not found"...I tried to edit .htaccess file with "DirectoryIndex index.html"...but din't happen...
Please help

Thank u

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Probably due tp a htaccess file. You'll need to write an excludes folder line in it

@diafol....thanks for the reply...will u kindly explain...i don't ve idea about the code for htaccess file...


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First of all is there a htaccess file in your root? If so, have a look at the contents.

RewriteRule ^(foldername) - [L]

Place that after the line:

RewriteEngine On
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