Hi there,

i would like to create one page asp where i have 2 text fields and i can fill them with a name of city from where i wonna start to where i wanna arrive and calculate the number of km and the nearest cites

Example :
Text1 = London
text2 = Oxford

total km, nearest cities of London and nearest cities of Oxfod

ho can i do that?


PS : if is possible to do with map even better

At a guess off the top of my head you would have to find the Latitude and Longitude of each place and use this information to convert into a distance between the two in KM.

The trouble is, even if you could figure out how to do this, you'd probably be giving the distances "as the crow flys" i.e. a straight line between the points.

If it is driving distances you want then you can't do that as a road will most likely not go in a straight line between the two points. Thats why Google show you the road their taking and allow you to move to alternative routes.