how to open jsp page in browser without starting NetBeans?
ie how to run localhost file?

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deploy ur project folder in c:->program files->apache tomcat->webapps->urproject folder
start tomcat c:->program files->apache tomcat->bin->start.bat(double click)
write path of ur project folder in Browser like http://localhost(or server ip)/project folder/index.html

hi fularipk,
if you are using netbeans glassfish will be default server,
The thing is net bean just Ide , Once we developed web application we need to install it in server, We have plenty of option for that jboss,apache tomcat,glass fish etc...After instalation we need to run it in browser

rahul pareek: are you sure it's start.bat? sure it's not 'startup.bat' and 'shutdown.bat'?
with using a tomcat server, you could also add a xml file in the catalina > localhost folder, that provides information to where the classes and properties can be found, instead of copying your .war file in the webapps folder.

I think you'd have to also type the port number after the localhost address. E.g http://localhost:8080 after you start tomcat.

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