Hi guys, let me get to the point:

I want have a button that when clicked allows the user to browse to any folder in any location whether it is a flash or the c-drive.

Depending on the location and folder selected the user must see all image files in that location whether jpg, bmp, png etc. these images must be visible to the user for selection. In other words the user must see the image and if he/she desires that image, then the user should be able to click on a check box next to the image or click a select all check box which would select all the images in the location.

after selecting all the images the user should be able to click a button to save these images with a time stamp appended in the path, to a specific location on a drive, then the image path is stored in a sql database.

If any error the user should be notified that the images were not saved and not stored.

i would be grateful for tutorials, videos or even plugins that can help me achieve my task...thank you!!