Hello all,

First time poster here. I'm creating a website for class that essentially lets people register with a user name and password. Whenever they're logged in they will have the opportunity to go to a page called SubmitStory.aspx where there will be a textbox, lets say it's just called textbox1 for now, and the user will be able to write out a little story and then click a button. Whenever the button is clicked I want it to create a dynamic textbox on a seperate page, let's call it Default.aspx, that has whatever the user typed into textbox1.

I've read about how to create a dynamic textbox and I think I get the gist (sp) of it but can anybody tell me how to code it so that it creates the textbox on a completely different page?

Anything you guys can provide would be awesome.


So do you need help passing the information from page to page or just creating a text box on the second page?