I am working through a text book to prepare for my database module next semester, I am on this exercises which is really tough...to me anyway lol

can anyone help converting this into an er diagram? took a while to type lol

DreamHome has branch offices in cities throughout the United Kingdom. Each office has a number of staff, including a manager. The data describing a branch office
includes a unique branch number, address (street, city and postcode), telephone numbers (up to a maximum of three), and the name of the member of staff who currently manages the office. Additional data is held on each manager including the date the manager assumed his or her position, and a monthly bonus payment based upon his or her performance in the property for rent market.

Some members of staff have the role of supervisor and are responsible for the day–to-day activities of a group of assistants. Not all members of staff are assigned to a supervisor. The data stored regarding a member of staff includes staff number, name, address, position, salary, name of supervisor (where applicable) and the details of the branch office where the member of staff is currently working.

Each branch office offers a range of properties for rent. The data stored for each property includes property number, address(street, city, postcode), type, number of rooms, monthly rent and the details of the property owner. A property is managed by a member of staff when it is being rented or is available to rent. A member of staff manages a number of properties.

The details of property owners are also stored. There are two types of property owner: private owners and business owners. The data stored for private owners includes owner number, name, address, telephone number, email, and password. The data stored for business owners includes name of business, type of business, address, telephone number, email, password, and contact name. The password will enable users to access the DreamHome database using the web.

Members of the public interested in renting a property are referred to as clients. To become a client, a person registers at a branch office. The data stored on clients includes client number, name, telephone number, email, preferred type of accommodation, and the maximum rent the client is willing to pay. Also stored is the name of the member of staff who processed the registration, the date the client joined, and some details on the branch office where the client’s details are stored.

When a property is rented out, a lease is drawn up between the client and the property. The data listed on the lease includes lease number, client number, name and address, property number and address, monthly rent, method of payment, deposit amount, duration of lease, and the start and end dates of the lease period.

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