I'm good at designing. Kindly suggest me where should i start from, like whether i should start with Photoshop, or Dreamweaver...

First of all you should do research work that which kind of logo you are going to create and this research work should not be on search engines. You should draw something new with your own mind.

I believe that generally it is recommended to create logos in Illustrator. This allows you to create vector graphics, which will scale well when enlarged/shrunk. Considering that the logo would likely be reused on a number of different mediums, it is important that it can be resized without loss of quality.

Hi dude,

In my point of view Photoshop is better to start.

In my point of view Photoshop is better to start.

Shouldn't he know what he is designing first?

I think photoshop is best to start.

I think photoshop is best to start.

Anyone can open up photoshop... but you need to plan out your idea before you do anything right?

Yes,it is true that photoshop is better to use for logo designing. There are so many logo design softwares are available but out of them you can choose only the best software like photoshop,dreamweaver etc. Logo is one of the important part of the website so obviously the designing should be also effective and looking professional.

The best way to save any pain and frustration with later iterations of your logo design is to produce it using vectors

I use multiple different ways to design logos... but recently I have tried coffeecup free image studio, and it works great. http://www.coffeecup.com/free-web-image-studio/ I suggest Coffeecup products for anyone no matter what level of expertise for website design. =)

It depends on how creative and innovative you are.
You can even create good logos in simpllest tool like ms paint or complex tool like photoshop.

To my mind, and the one I keep coming back to, after having tried others, is Paint Shop Pro.

Once you have a solid idea of what kind of logo you want to design, then I would highly suggest you use Illustrator as what Evolution said. You will never have to worry about having it losing quality.

I like using Fireworks, the default styles are excellent, and you can download some amazing free ones as well

Inkscape is free software that allows you to create vector based logos

I think photoshop, illustration is very best to start.

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