Recently I have been asked to do a web-based login and register system using JAVA. But I haven't learnt java before and had absolutely no idea how java works or to write java codes. They told me that I have to learn Java quickly as possible. Currently looking some java stuff on the internet. Honestly, my head spins when i look at the codes. However, I do know PHP(intermediate level)(wihtout OOP). Really having a hard times learning java. How long will it take normally to learn java? Is it worth to learn java instead of PHP?

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How long will it take normally to learn java? Is it worth to learn java instead of PHP?

The answer to your question directly depends on how interested and passionate you are about learning Java. No matter how much pressure there is for you to learn it...if the interest is not there, its going to be challenging for you. No matter how difficult a topic is, if you are very interested and eager, you will learn the topic.


I also agree with JorgeM for example french I don't do well because I dislike it. But you know PHP! So that's good, that will help you pick up the basics of Java alot quicker. Java still features if/else statments, loops all the things of a High Level Programming Language. So follow a decent guide, I Like using this. But it is entirely what type of learner you are. Good luck!


@JorgeM, @mat1998x Thanks for the reply...but I am finding java harder than php..Even connecting to database seems hard in java using those servlets,beans...no ideaa :( watching tutorials and Lets see how it will go....

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