I developed a web application using ASP.net. It was used AjaxToolkit 3.5. The program is mainly use <asp:ToolkitScriptManger> and <asp:UpdatePanel>. With Visual Studio 2005, It is working well. (I just mean with source code) Then I deploy it and host in wwwroot. But then it is not working well. There are no any errors. Programe is stuck when go to ajax used pages. Some pages are not used ajax and those are working well. I didn't put my source code to this forum because there are no any errors occurred while I run with source code. Please show me some direction for solving this problem.

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IIS 6. Ajaxcontroltoolkit dll is already in bin folder.


Might be that you might be getting some javascript error. Check the left bottom of the browser for any error message when trying to use ajax control. Also check the network/javascript console by opening inspector tools like firebug/fiddler/Developer Tools(Chrome)..

Check the below thread..


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