hi everbody,

i search how i can make the same login page as https://www.tumblr.com/ if some have any idea think's for your helping :)

  1. learn css
  2. gradually disable css on that page to see how it starts / progresses from scratch
  3. have a designer's eye / mind
  1. it's gonna be difficulte because actually i finish my devellopement and just my manager like the design of tumblr so i just have less than 2 days, but thank's for your response :)

well then... use a web downloader to get the page and updateit to your liking :)

both of them solid background and the login form

thank you for your response

@pitic actually i can't do this for my company but stil a good idea :)

That wasn't supposed to be read as... duplicate their website... only to give you a starting template to work upon. Or at least use their styling to implement yours :)