So I have alot of time for my final year project, however just a fewmonthsto submit a proposal. I came up with an idea and wanted to know if it is any good or any improvements that can be made to it.

My idea is basically a food website, that has menus from different restaurants around the country, that has reviews and the price for each food item. You can search for a chicken submarine, and then all the chicken submarines in the database shows up, comparing them based on reviews and price. I thought of it as basic, not sure though. Any improvements or ideas?

Im doing a degree in Applied Information Technology.

Perhaps you can have an advanced filtering system? Including calories, carbs, fat, salt and sugar etc? You can also have a membership level called 'nutritional expert' where people who know a little about nutrition can build diets using recipies on your website, and then users can review, customise and print off complete diet plans based on the data from your portal? Just a quick brain dump but it sounds like a fun project!

Perhaps recipies can have version controls? If they're improved, or modified, they increase a version, just like software does ;)