I have a website, i need free web hosting service. i dont want to spend more money on web hosting. Give me some website which would of providing web hosting service for free.

Hello I may be able to help you with this one. I recently switched to a payed version (which I will reccomend because all the free ones are pretty limited compared to what you can have), but what I used before was called 000webhost. You can find them at http://www.000webhost.com . I have found they give you a good bit of leadway and allow you a good amount of freedom. Plus they also have many different features including webmail, ftp servers, and more. There are many out there but I would say this is the one I favor. You can check them out more on their website. But I'm also gonna say this... if you do go payed I would reccomend Bluehost. Maybe it's because it's the only one I have used but I have thoroughly enjoyed it's webhosting program. It seems reliable and fits into my budget.

Update I forgot to mention that I do believe 000webhost has an initial ad whenever people access your website. But it doesn't affect the look of your website.

With free hostings I can assure you will have limitations such as no PHP/MySQL installed or conflicting scripts from their ads that are scattered around your website. Better to spend a few bucks per month IMO. Good and reliable hosting doesn't cost much these days.

I definitely agree with gentlemedia, although that is one thing I like about 000webhost. They have ads that don't effect the look of your website, they have PHP and mysql support, and more. But as gentlemedia said... it is limited. Going payed is reccommended.

3*I would recommend paid hosting over a free hosting. You can easily find a good host for a very reasonable price.
I dont have any idea about this site ,When you selecting the good host first of all, you should check the infrastructure, function, check them to a control panel to manage your hosts. More importantly, how they are professional that will lead your business to success.Its better to research and make a checklist of the features and compare the hosting providers and their services & You should choose hosting based upon the space that you need,amount of traffic your site will get and other such factors. After checking all , I have been using http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_hosting/ as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them.It is cheap, but it is really professional.,you can go with them on a monthly basis .I host all my sites At the time of signup, you can pick the best hosting plan for you, and select a web hosting data center to get ultra fast website load times. Also you can choose your new blog ,cms , web galary or e-store to be readily set up for you before you even log in!