HI guys, the tiems has come for me to renew my photography site as it's really "dated", so much so that's it's not even responsive...eh eh. In anycase, I'm still at the design really, but I was thinking to have some sort of lightbox/slideshow plugin to display the pictures rather than creating my own, so I was wondering if anybody knows of or has used a decent responsive free plugin that I can look at. I had a look around of course, but I'd like to hear from people so they could tell me why they decided to use a specific plugin and not the other.
Any advice?

I can't say much because I've never actually used one, I've ended up creating my own solutions for each need, but I was helping my brother start with web dev to make a site for our father knife business and he decided to use the Slick Plugin: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/

Was one of the easist to implement by a non developer and had great reviews on fuctionality and performance.

Take a look at the result: http://nonomonteiro.com.br/available/fc_gyutsend/

The top carrosell and the knife photos are two different instances of the slick plugin.

Hope it fits for you.

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