I am creating a program that is connected to a database (Jet. OLEDB). I would like to know how can you search a record in the program.


A search is bascially a query in the most basic sense. i.e. SELECT title FROM books WHERE author = "King, Stephen"

So the questions become;

What are you wanting to do for the search?

Do you want to search on one specifc criteria (i.e. Username or book title) ??

Do you want to do searches on concatnated strings? (i.e. A book tile by a specific author)

Please provide more details as to what you want to do specifically and I will be able to provide more details to assist you.

If the users want to search for a certain keyword....they must type a keyword in a textbox.....then it will show the record that matches that keyword.

- so that if you have a lot of records in a database you can easily search for it.

Thanks for helping....I might have some more questions after these one.

Following is a part of code to search a record and diaplay that record.



Private Sub LoadPage() 
Dim strSQL As String = "SELECT * FROM JOB WHERE ID =" & 
Dim cnn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection 
Dim cmd As SqlCommand 
Dim dr As SqlDataReader 
cmd = New SqlCommand(strSQL, cnn) 
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader 
While dr.Read 
lblID.Text = dr("ID") 
txtJobName.Text = dr("JobName") 
txtJobDescription.Text = dr("JobDescription") 
End While 
End Sub

Also try looking at some of the tutorials and posts about Login pages, etc on Dani Web as they contain good examples of searches from values entered into a textbox.

Hi i have to do the project in ASP.net, could please send me code for search that are connected to sql Database.


To do a search in a database, all you have to do is create a user control like Datalist, DataGrid, or Repeater and bind it to the datasource. If you want to search for a keyword, create a textbox that posts to the server. When a user enters in the information and submits, it will post to the server, and the your code will tell the SQL command what to search for. Then you need to bind that datasource to your user control. On the front-end of your page, you will need to design your search results and how they will display.

Create a page with a form running at the server. Create the textbox and submit button. On the submit button, create an OnClick command that posts to a sub on the server. Something like this would look like


Then in your "Sub btnSearch_Click(...)" you will have the code to search the database using SQL parameters and the LIKE with % symbols. Then after it does the search, check to see if it "hasrows" with "repeatername.HasRows". If it is true, bind to the datasource.

Now create your Datalist, DataGrid, or Repeater on the page with your design/layout in the ItemTemplate tags. Then run your page and you have your results.


please send me the code for that


please send me the code as soon as possible

how to search paritcular thing in database and that has to view in gridview and how to delete/edit from frontend only. plz give the answer. its urgent. thank u