I have a simple PHP script that creates a couple of dbase files and moves them to my anonymous FTP directory. However, I am unable to see these files when viewing that directory in a web browser. I can see them when logged with a FTP client though.

One thing that also has me baffled, and this may or may not be related, is when viewing Anonymous FTP through my browser I see a directory called 'pub'. But I don't see this when viewing through my FTP client. This leads me to believe I am looking in the wrong place but this seems pretty straight forward.

Any help is appreciated.

Is it anything to do with the permissions on the files?

Their permissions say they are readable (644).

Which FTP server/OS are you using?

OS: RedHat Enterprise 4
FTP: unknown

Maybe this won't help much, but I've tried it on two different host accounts. One worked well, the other was just like you described.

I tried changing settings etc. but nothing helped. I guess there's server misconfiguration. I think the best idea is to contact the host provider about this.

Turns out anonymous FTP requires its own IP address. Once it was given one it worked just fine.