I am planning to build a web based database system using SQL Server 2005 ( any edition) for the database and Visual Studio 2005 ( I am not yet sure which edition to use) for the web interface. Is it ok to use Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with any edition of SQL Server. I am thinking of using Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with SQL Server 2005 Trial Edition. Is this a possible match?.

The choice of which version of Visual Studio 2005 to use is not as important as the correct choice of database server. SQL Server 2005 Express may be adequate as long as your server only has one CPU, less than 1 GB of memory and you don't mind the absence of reporting and integration services. SQL Server 2005 is ideal for prototyping web applications prior to "upsizing." If you're development team includes various "roles", such as Enterprise Architect and Project Manager, you may find that VS 2005 Team is a better fit. (At work I use VS 2003/2005 Professional + SQL Server 2005 Standard which are great.)