I'm using Visual Studio 2005 with C#. When I Build the solution, the .dll assembly file is not being created in the \bin folder. Does anyone know why the assembly file is not being created, and/or if it's being created in another folder other than the \bin folder.


It doesnt by default for a website in VS2005. you would just upload your aspx files to your webserver.

You can get it to compile to a dll and upload the dll if you want. It is more secure on the webserver but harder to maintain.

I usually keep my aspx files as they are (and the cs code behind files) on the webserver to make it easier to change. Most of the web stuff gets served up to the user anyway and they can view the source. It wouldnt take much to be able to work out your code. Also if they can get into your server to steal your aspx files then they can steal your dll, reverse engineer it in seconds and make any changes and upload it so it isnt any more secure.
We keep all our other more secure code in normal dlls and either host them on the same server or call them through other means which makes the code more secure and also the dlls themselves.
If you just want your site to run then you dont have to compile it to a dll just upload it to a webserver.