I've been using Tomcat/local machine to produce some jsp pages for uploading files.
Files are selected and added to a listbox on a form, once the form is submitted - the filenames in the list are uploaded. Firstly there is a check to see if they exist. Something to the effect of..

File file = new File(filenames[x]);

for each file.
So typically in the listbox there will be C:\readme.txt or something to that effect. On local machine, this works perfectly - files are found and uploaded. However now, since I put this online to a server (which is an oracle server) when the form is submit -- the file can not be found. Initially when submit, the \'s would be removed.. (filenames which are not found are displayed in an error message) e.g C:\log.txt becomes C:log.txt so I added code to change this to unix separators.. C:\log.txt then becomes C:/log.txt ... still it cant find the file.
My experience with unix is fairly limited, is there a certain of writing a filename like that so that the jsp can pick it up? Or perhaps something I should look into to do with server itself? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Do you have any idea at all what you're doing there?
Any idea in fact about what code is run where?

Because if you did (and you should if you're going to do any serverside development) you'd know why it's not working and in fact can't work.

Hint: you're trying to do something with files located on the client using code running on the server.