Here is the dilemma. I have a website where everything works perfectly in all browsers except for Safari.

When you are in Safari and you go to this page...

The first time you click one of the numbered boxes at the bottom of the screen it advances to that number. However, after that, it won't advance to the next (or previous) number unless you use the arrows to forward to the next image. However, once you use the arrow to forward to the next image, you can then click on one of the number boxes again and have it work. But then once you click on the number box, it won't work again until you use an arrow to go to another image.

The arrows always work, but the number boxes only work after you use an arrow.

I need the number boxes to work. To see how it is supposed to work, you need only look at the site in Firefox or Explorer. It's driving me (and my client) crazy. Someone please help!

You re calling the function from the arrow key buttons with three arguments, but from the number buttons with two arguments. Thus, one arguiment is undefined.