I have installed XAMPP in winXP, its works perfectly.......but the value of any veriable cann't be tranferred from one page to another page...e.g.


print"<body><form action=file2php method=post>";
print"<input type=submit value=submit>";



when i run file1.php it prints the value of the veriable and the submit button on the browser.....but clicking the submit button it redirect to file2.php but no value is printed against p=

no error msg also not printed......

plz help me to solve this problem, without solving this I am not able to insert values in mysql.....

I want to print the value of the veriable of file1.php on file2.php...by clicking tjhe submit button...


echo "<input type=\"hidden\" value=\"".$p."\"  name=\"p\">";


echo $_POST['p'];

- Mitko Kostov

Thanx for reply.......but if u do a little more favour on me ......if u write the code as I've written i.e in my manner it will be more helpfull to me.........I'm new in PHP...

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