I just want to take the time out now to Congradulate csgal for all her efforts with an award I personally dont give out much. But since I felt tht each time I come here and watching this board numerous amounts of time, even whileIm scripting or whatever, I see people, guests, activities just rolling every which a way. Its like when you get through reading 1 post, thers another, andthen another and...ok so you got the point.

To: The Community of DaniWeb
I just want to say great job for helping csgal keeping this site rolling and alive. Im sure the moderators and other administrative bodies/persons here has contributed amounts of posts and support including guests and members, so congradulations. See your reward! Its not much, but at least you can show others which I hope you do.:cheesy: http://www.mtechhosting.com/php/portal.php#bot

What, you guys dont think she's doing a great job? Awww comm oon now folks. I see all your somewhat of posts here and there, why not post your thoughts about DaniWeb Community. After all, your a member arent you? Or maybe Im tlaking to myself.:cry:

Hehe ... sorry for taking so long to reply, Mike. Thanks so much. It's very much appreciated.

Keep in mind it is Christmas, afterall ... not very many people have been surfing DaniWeb yesterday and today to notice your thread. :) Don't think anyone is ignoring you :)