I just got a notification that directed me here. At first I had a good laugh.. (look at the date), but then I've looked at notification, and saw something that doesn't add up:

Dear Chaky,

poobah88 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to.

Thread: CPU Fan Error! Overclocking Failed! Over Voltage Failed!
Forum: Troubleshooting Dead Machines

Alleged reply from this guy poobah88 wasn't there.

So I've searched the site for poobah88 and found the ONLY POST this guy made here. (notice the thread title)

Server sent me a notification because of the similar thread titles?

I was probably a reply to your thread, until a Moderator decided that it was a thread hijack and splitted the thread. But the email was still send.

That what my crystal ball says anyway ;)

In such case there usually would be at least "last edited" or something record visible.. and moderators usually leave some note when they move (or split) the thread.

Here, there is nothing that would suggest that this post was from the thread I am subscribed to.


...except for first sentence that says "Help! I have a similar problem.", which is a clear clue... and makes you right.

The post title (not thread title) also says:

Re: CPU Fan Error! Overclocking Failed! Over Voltage Failed!

. Often splits still have that "Re:" carried over.

That too...

I'm marking this as solved. It is obviously not a server glitch.