I'm now logged in with Windows 8 Preview and IE9 on a PC. My only problem is that I don't see the purple bar across the bottom of the screen. Maybe DaniWeb thinks I'm on a mobile device?

If the purple bar across the bottom is managed by JavaScript, or other code used to detect the browser version, I would assume that the if.else statement in that code is defaulting to a configuration without the purple bar. I would also assume that by simply updating the code to detect the browser version from Win 8 CP, that it can be easily fixed. However, I would tend to think that DaniWeb admins would wait until the final release of Win 8, otherwise, they would have to most likely update the code as Win 8 progresses through the beta/RC cycle.

Of course, my theory is a best guess. I would be interested in knowing if I was close.

The system has to think you're on a mobile device, in which the bottom toolbar is disabled since it doesn't display correctly on the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. We're built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework and use CI's built in mobile detection based on user agents:

$mobiles = array(
                    // legacy array, old values commented out
                    'mobileexplorer'    => 'Mobile Explorer',
//                  'openwave'          => 'Open Wave',
//                  'opera mini'        => 'Opera Mini',
//                  'operamini'         => 'Opera Mini',
//                  'elaine'            => 'Palm',
                    'palmsource'        => 'Palm',
//                  'digital paths'     => 'Palm',
//                  'avantgo'           => 'Avantgo',
//                  'xiino'             => 'Xiino',
                    'palmscape'         => 'Palmscape',
//                  'nokia'             => 'Nokia',
//                  'ericsson'          => 'Ericsson',
//                  'blackberry'        => 'BlackBerry',
//                  'motorola'          => 'Motorola'

                    // Phones and Manufacturers
                    'motorola'          => "Motorola",
                    'nokia'             => "Nokia",
                    'palm'              => "Palm",
                    'iphone'            => "Apple iPhone",
                    'ipad'              => "iPad",
                    'ipod'              => "Apple iPod Touch",
                    'sony'              => "Sony Ericsson",
                    'ericsson'          => "Sony Ericsson",
                    'blackberry'        => "BlackBerry",
                    'cocoon'            => "O2 Cocoon",
                    'blazer'            => "Treo",
                    'lg'                => "LG",
                    'amoi'              => "Amoi",
                    'xda'               => "XDA",
                    'mda'               => "MDA",
                    'vario'             => "Vario",
                    'htc'               => "HTC",
                    'samsung'           => "Samsung",
                    'sharp'             => "Sharp",
                    'sie-'              => "Siemens",
                    'alcatel'           => "Alcatel",
                    'benq'              => "BenQ",
                    'ipaq'              => "HP iPaq",
                    'mot-'              => "Motorola",
                    'playstation portable'  => "PlayStation Portable",
                    'hiptop'            => "Danger Hiptop",
                    'nec-'              => "NEC",
                    'panasonic'         => "Panasonic",
                    'philips'           => "Philips",
                    'sagem'             => "Sagem",
                    'sanyo'             => "Sanyo",
                    'spv'               => "SPV",
                    'zte'               => "ZTE",
                    'sendo'             => "Sendo",

                    // Operating Systems
                    'symbian'               => "Symbian",
                    'SymbianOS'             => "SymbianOS",
                    'elaine'                => "Palm",
                    'palm'                  => "Palm",
                    'series60'              => "Symbian S60",
                    'windows ce'            => "Windows CE",

                    // Browsers
                    'obigo'                 => "Obigo",
                    'netfront'              => "Netfront Browser",
                    'openwave'              => "Openwave Browser",
                    'mobilexplorer'         => "Mobile Explorer",
                    'operamini'             => "Opera Mini",
                    'opera mini'            => "Opera Mini",

                    // Other
                    'digital paths'         => "Digital Paths",
                    'avantgo'               => "AvantGo",
                    'xiino'                 => "Xiino",
                    'novarra'               => "Novarra Transcoder",
                    'vodafone'              => "Vodafone",
                    'docomo'                => "NTT DoCoMo",
                    'o2'                    => "O2",

                    // Fallback
                    'mobile'                => "Generic Mobile",
                    'wireless'              => "Generic Mobile",
                    'j2me'                  => "Generic Mobile",
                    'midp'                  => "Generic Mobile",
                    'cldc'                  => "Generic Mobile",
                    'up.link'               => "Generic Mobile",
                    'up.browser'            => "Generic Mobile",
                    'smartphone'            => "Generic Mobile",
                    'cellphone'             => "Generic Mobile"