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I am using Windows Server 2012 which is the server version of 8.

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I've recently been using the standard evaluation version of Windows 8.

im using as my main OS,the full release of win8-pro from Microsoft technet acct.and it works great on my Dell optiples 745

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I'm using two versions of Windows 8. One is Release Preview version and another from TechNet subscription.

I'm currently using Windows 8 professional.

Have it saved in another partician for later install after I do some checking to see if I like it or not from online reviews.

see if I like it or not from online reviews

nothing like the real thing ,what someone else doesn't like you might think is great ,I have to say I like it ,main reason it works great and fast and has not had a single glitch since I installed it

I've had some glitches and problems with hibernation of Windows 8 but overall it's more stable, secure and faster than previous Operating Systems like Windows 7 or Windows XP.

oh cool guys thanks.

I have gotten used to WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Verified Vista, must run some Win7. I tried the Win8 demo for a while and it was no better for my purposes. I am back using Debian for my real work.

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