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I've noticed that all the PMs I deleted under the old DW have reappeared under my active conversations. I spent ages deleting every one of them before!!! Gah!

BTW - is there not a "select all" checkbox or something - deleting every single one of them one at a time is ridiculous!

Geez, I just thought that I had suddenly become quite a popular member.

I will fix this.

Actually, on second thought, in order to help solve this problem, I need to more accurately understand the problem.

Is the problem that:

  1. Old conversations are showing up in the Message Inbox tab, the My Active Conversations tab, or the All My Conversations tab?
  2. Old conversations are in bold, showing as "New"?
  3. You are receiving new message popups for messages that really aren't new?
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All pms showing in active conversations and all conversations. I deleted everything from inbox so now when i select inbox i get rerouted to all conversations. I want it all gone. Everything :)

Ah, I see. No, that's simply the way the system works now. The All Conversations tab shows your entire history log of conversations. It's actually a bug that messages on that page have a button to Archive. (Essentially, if they are showing up there but not in the other two tabs, they are archived.)