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Today is Election Day.

I'm gonna vote for Romney & Ryan.

Romney will change a lot of things.

Ryan will be the first Generation X Vice President!

It's good to be a Generation X

Obama will win by my opinion... i personally hate getting involved politics and I believe that both candidates are just full of themselves... Obama didn't achieve very much yet he won in 2008 because McCain is stupid and Romney isn't clever himself... all his numbers that he uses in debates are all false, and worst part is that he is most likely going to set war with the Muslim countries/people... and me being Muslim... that is not going to be pretty...

Both candidates stink... but my opinion shouldn't matter (I just gave a couple out of the many i have) because I just started High School so my vote won't matter for another few years...

I guess my vote (atm) is undecided... unless I flip a coin :) I wonder what everyone elses defense would be toward their favorite candidates :)....

...if only we had another Clinton...

I also heard that Romney isn't very compatible with the "gay" citizens... so that isn't going to help him... and he possibly favors the 1% of america (the rich guys like Gates, Zuckerberg, Ellison, etc.)

I personally believe that this thread might get a little too far beyond political... so I'm going to stop pointing facts out... don't want everyone to go berserk against me or anyone else that'll participate...

pretty sure I'm not going to win it, and that's about as far as my personal interest goes.

i think obama will win.. and i don't want Romney to come!!

Unfortunately you have one side that has demonstrated it will do anything to win including obstructing government, voter registration fraud, lying and bankrupting the country. Also unfortunately, you have another side that still thinks it is possible to "play nice" with the other side.

Maybe if I explain to him rationally that we all have to get along to make this a better world the schoolyard bully will let me keep my lunch money. Hasn't ever worked in my experience.

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I just voted like an half hour ago.

It was very quick. I had to fill out the form and then I has to walk up to this scanner to scan the form to confirm the vote.

I voted as a conservative for Romney & Ryan.

I voted for Micky Mouse for President and Popeye as VP.

commented: Then you not only wasted your own time, you wasted other peoples' time. Congratulations on that. +0

If I can vote... I will vote with Ancient Dragon

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I voted for Micky Mouse for President and Popeye as VP.

I would vote for them every year !

I think Obama won already.

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Obama won.

Obama dominated romney... i bet his wife if freaking out more than him... (she is probably beating him, that could be why he is upset about the debate though)....

I wouldn't call it a landslide, but Obama wan by quite a large margin. IMO one reason is all the millions of $$$ that Romney has hidden aware in offshore accounts that are untoughchable by US taxes. Another reason was his failure to disclose his tax returns.