I have Creative Inspire 5.1 5200 speakers attached to my ASUS 1155 P8P67-M PRO REV 3.0 motherboard. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed. When I use third part applications (Winamp, Mediaplayer etc.) to listed music or play movie rear speakers won't work but when I test speakers in Realtek hd audio manager, all works fine.

I checked "Sound fill", Environment varibles etc, reinstalled drivers, try to set as 7.1 no luck.

In forums everyone has some solution but none worked for me.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like in Realtek hd audio manager you need to adjust the volume control to turn off mute and increase the volume. Also a hidden volume button on the keyboard can also do it.


Solution: Do not use Windows 7 use Linux instead.

Guys in Asus and Realtek say Windows 7 is trying to take over all controls over AC drivers, software etc. This is what causes conflicts. It works fine in Win XP Prof though. I have friend having same problems with different boards. I tried every single thing to solve the problem until I was told this from first hand so Linux is is way ahead. Also I am a open source developer so why should I bother with Ms anyway.

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