I've recently become addicted to the Walking Dead. I was sick in bed Two weeks ago and needed something on Netflix I could binge watch.

Now, as we speak, I'm posting here on DaniWeb, trying to come up with some creative stuff to write about, while I watch and try to fall asleep.

My reason for starting this thread is because, back in the day, DaniWeb's community grew out of all of the random stuff people posted. The kinda off topic stuff that got us to form a community and really get to know each other. I really think we lost a lot of that when the Geeks' Lounge forum was turned into a tag underneath the community center category. People immediately stopped participating in the word association game and all of those threads that turned into tens of thousands of posts.

I'm not into Zombies but we just got through binge watching an excellent show called Sneaky Pete. One of the co-starts is Margot Martindale whom I have loved ever since season two of Justified. Sneaky Pete will be back for a second season.

Like you, I really miss the back-and-forth in the Geeks Lounge. I still post there occasionally but it doesn't have the participation that it used to. Perhaps you could elevate it from a tag to a link in the waffle under Community Center.

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Still haven't watched season 1 but I have it to watch later during rerun season. The thing I like about shows like Sneaky Pete, Dexter & Justified is that they tell a whole story in one season (even though there is a larger arc) instead of shows like X-Files, Blacklist and Lost that seem content to milk a plot device to death and just pile one stupid McGuffin uopn another to try to keep viewer interest. There's no point in watching a story that never ends.

I think I'll relax and listen to Scherezade while ignoring the -20C weather outside.

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So many good series out there. Have a look at Man in the High Castle for some alt history with a twist. Just finished watching series 2. Just finished Bosch, Mr Robot, Penny Dreadful and hoping to start series 2 of Wayward Pines. :)

Like you, I really miss the back-and-forth in the Geeks Lounge. I still post there occasionally but it doesn't have the participation that it used to.

I got rid of the Geeks' Lounge being a forum of its own because I felt like the entire Community Center category could be used for all of that stuff. This way it could be broken up into tags like posting-games, etc. I think what I'm going to need to do is go back to having the top categories clearly visible in the top navigation menu of every page. That seems to be where things went south with that regard.

I'm really into sci-fi / fantasy stuff. But, I'm sorry, Mr. Robot?? Everyone seems to love it but it's just realllllllllllly weirrrrrrd. I couldn't get past the first few episodes.

And Jim, I really felt like Lost came together in the last episode.

With Mr. Robot, you really have to stick with into season 2, before it starts making sense. :) And you're right it is really off the wall, but it also touches on a lot of really current topics.

I get the concept that it has an unreliable narrator, but it was just too weird for me to relate to ... hacker dude and all.

I stopped watching Lost partway into season two because they kept on introducing questions and abandoning them without answering them. I found the same thing with X-Files. Even the writers of Lost, who said at the start that all the mysteries would be explained, eventually admitted that they were just winging it all along. And the whole "they were dead and in purgatory" thing was too much like "and then he woke up and discovered that it had all been a dream."

Deus ex machina.

As for Mr. Robot, <SPOILER ALERT> I gave it up before I got to the end of season one and was glad I did when I heard it went all Tyler Durden.

Have a look at Man in the High Castle

I considered this one but decided against it for two reasons:

  1. My wife wasn't in the least interested.
  2. I didn't need fictional Nazis. We have enough real ones here now, including in the White House.

I'm also stockpiling West World and waiting for a lull in the current season. Perhaps during March Madness.

I'm really into sci-fi / fantasy stuff.

Have you ever read a book by Larry Niven and David Gerrold called The Flying Sorcerers?

No one got the clever "never ending story" reference to Scheherezade?

I agree with the Dexter Finale. Not satisfying at all. For the most part I really enjoy Silicon Valley but there were a couple of episodes where I just felt like chucking it. Like the one where they got into the system of the company that "stole" their algorithm. It was the episode where Richard keeps meeting with their head of security to try to make things better. I find it painful to watch an intelligent character repeatedly do stupid (and out of character) things.

I watched the first season of Ray Donovan but stopped there because

  1. It was too dark
  2. I didn't care what happened to any of the characters

I recently got netlfix and now im binge watching so manh shows if and when I can. Thats a big IF too because im busy nowadays!

That's one of the nice things about being retired. I have time for all that. Of course, there are days when I feel like a walking dead so I'm not exactly farting rainbows.

New season will be damn good but when rick is occupied, it's gonna be boring i guess