Hi all, Can't get the guard behind the locked gate before he nails me once and mission fails[have to start from the beginning, drat!] on Hitman codename 47. Any suggestions in how to git this guy afore he gits me would be simply ....marvelous.... and Much appreciated, Thank you and good morning Bob F. Lusny

U didn't mention which stage??

If it is the very first stage then:
U have to kill the first guard and put on his clothes. The second guard over the gate wont recognize u and will unlock the gate.
As simple as that.

It's better to get a walkthrough from gamespot.com or gameFAQs.com if u need help on how to overcome a stage in a game.

One important advice. Dont play hitman :code name 47.
If u cant complete the very first first stage then I am afraid u will be crying :cry: in the upcoming missions. See, u can play hitman silent assasin and contracts but code name 47 is for gamepros like me :p .

And last but not the least i dont think this is an appropiate forum to submit this kind of posts. Post in the relevant forums. Dani might tell u better about this.

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Hi ,
I want some Help but at the last stage it call "meet your brothter" or "Setup".....

I killed all the brothers but what next I cann't open the door by the gaurd (Green lines Area)......what next...?????

I reached the last stage as I think but I stop at this point....HELPPPPPPP

On the last level (if memory serves) you have to drag one of the brothers into the area with the pads on the floor, and then use his head (i.e. the barcode) to open the door. When you drag a brother in you should see an option for it somewhere lol. I haven't played it in ages. But hey, here's a site that should answer everyone's questions:


Good luck ;)

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thanks man it works........I did not think in it at all......

It's realy a nice game

No probs ;) I agree, its a great wee game. One of my favs actually. I can't play it anymore though, my brother moved out and took his computer with him, leaving me with a piece of pooh system which can barely play solitare! :( Ah well, what ya gonna do?

I jst started playing hitmancodenamed 47 and get as far as the elevator and thats it.I can't get the elevator to work.What Am I doing wrong. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Step into the elevator and look in the lower left corner by the door. There is a loose edge of carpet. Peel that back and open the small hatch below. Inside the hatch, you'll see a very tiny monkey. If you hand him a baloney sandwich, he will share a secret with you: "Resurrecting 6-year-old threads on IT discussion forums won't open this elevator."

I can't help you much beyond that. Sorry.

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