Noticed just that my positive rep power shooted to 13 or is there bug in the system? Maybe some announcement message of these kind of changes explaining the reason would be nice feedback?

Also I noticed 'undo the vote for this post' option for post I upvoted and I have not noticed before. Is it new?

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There was a long discussion about this in Area 51 over the past week, but I forgot to make the public announcement. To copy & paste what was written there:

The main problem that I do have with our reputation system is, as Sanjay put it, that it feeds …

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Both are new... I'm sure an announcement is coming.

yes that sky rocketed a couple of days back and yesterday nose dived back to where it was

My power is still +13/-3, which is not so bad considering that happygeek's rep power is +12/-3 and vegaseat's +14/-3, Ancient Dragon tops what I looked by +17/-4

There was a long discussion about this in Area 51 over the past week, but I forgot to make the public announcement. To copy & paste what was written there:

The main problem that I do have with our reputation system is, as Sanjay put it, that it feeds the rich and buries the poor. All of the regulars have a crazy amount of reputation power. Everyone else can't even affect reputation by one point.

So here's what happens ... The majority of members leave reputation amongst each other, but they never increase their reputation because none of them have any power to affect each other.

They all rely on a top poster who has lots of reputation to affect them. The only chance they have of ever climbing up the reputation ranks is to receive rep from a top poster. Meanwhile, all of the top posters are all friends, and run into each other on the site on a daily basis, and throw reputation at each other left and right. Therefore, the rich get richer.

So here's what I've done ...

Firstly, you may have noticed that your reputation has shifted slightly. I've made some adjustments to prior reputations that some people received, therefore affecting your reputation today.

Firstly, reputation used to be very different back 5, 6, 7 years ago when it was brand new to us. Rep power was crazy back then, and if AD thinks that +30 is crazy, it used to be +150 and -80 for a single rep comment!! I went ahead and actually knocked these numbers back to size ... So no reputation ever in the history of DaniWeb now gave more than +40 or less than -10.

The second thing I did was make the power to affect someone else's reputation negatively not weigh as much. Instead of your negative rep power being half of your positive, it's now only a quarter of it. I applied this retroactively as well, to help some people out. This should make people feel much more comfortable about handing out negative reputation.

The biggest thing that I did is actually redo the entire algorithm that determines how much rep-altering power a person has to begin with. It used to be an algorithm that factored in how long you've been a member of the community, how many posts you have, and how much reputation you have.

Now, how long you've been a member counts very little towards your rep-altering power. The number of posts you have and your current reputation are still factors. However, I've added your solved threads statistic as an additional factor which influences how much you can affect someone's reputation.

I also spent a long time playing around with the algorithm so that newer members start earning reputation power sooner, and actually have influence. The goal is for members in the 100 to 200-post range to be able to pass reputation points amongst each other, and climb the ranks naturally without any divine intervention from a top poster.

With this happening, AD's 35 point reputation power won't seem so daunting, with normal members running around with 15 and 20 point rep powers. The goal is for the average poster in the 50 to 200 post range to have a reputation at about 100 and about 5 points of rep-altering power. This shouldn't scare anyone off from handing out -5 in negative rep.

Not only did I make reputation-altering power more accessible to the masses, but I capped it for the top posters. Therefore, I shifted the balance of power back towards the majority of the community where it belongs.

Update further on in the behind-the-scenes thread:

I've shifted the balance of power so now that your very respectable 750 posts and 250 solved threads can influence me by 10, the very super elite few by 20, and the majority of posters in the 10 to 150 post range by somewhere between 2 to 5.

Before, all of the top members were throwing 50 reputation points amongst each other like it was nothing, while the other 99% of people were challenged just to get one measly point -- unless they got love from a top poster. The elite rich were getting richer, and everyone else had no way of climbing up the ranks unless they got a hand out from one of the rich folks.

I've made the reputation system much more accessible to the majority of the community. Now, everyone has reasonable influence, and the top posters are capped at about 20.

And, yes, an undo button was also added to the voting system.

Voting is an anonymous +1 or -1 with no change to reputation. Then, the reputation system sits on top of the voting system, giving those who already voted the additional option to leave a non-anonymous comment and affect reputation in doing so.

I've added the ability to undo a vote. Once you give reputation, your vote and your rep are stuck. But, if you've accidentally voted, you can undo that vote. You then have the option of either revoting or revoting with reputation. This is also useful if you tried to give someone reputation but accidentally hit something and just voted without rep instead.

commented: Thanks dani!!it's a good approach for emerging members to boom up!!!and not tricked by the top members!!! +0

Still have not ability to change upvote to upvote and reputation though, noticed today.

commented: Testin' it out for ya :) +0

To change upvote to upvote+reputation ... You need to upvote, then undo the upvote, then redo the upvote and leave rep this time around.

Just tried it ... the trick is that you need to refresh the page before/after the undo.

Ok, thanks. I'll try it. Anyway must post this or you go past me in activity points ;) Here I come Narue.