My Dell Latitude D630 power button stopped working after I had removed the keyboard to replace it. Turns out the one sent to me was incorrect, so I put the old keyboard back on to wait for a new one. I put the power button cover strip back on and gave the laptop to my daughter for homework. Later, when it was hibernating, she pushed the button, the laptop would not come up. I tried also, no response. I removed the cover strip and touched the power button, it worked. But next time we tried, the button did not turn it on, removed strip and again turned it on. Upon examining the strip, I thought I may have damaged it by so much handling. Ordered and received new power button cover strip, installed, doesn't work. Now I am really puzzled. Can't find useful info on web.

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated! I have a new keyboard on the way, could that solve the issue? I really thought the new strip would do it. Still need the new keyboard because I have several permanently damaged keys and I'm trying to breathe life into this poor old computer---no $ for new one.

Thanks for any help!

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usually a small clip holding down the strip, you didn't do what i did to mine and broke the clip did you ,my strip was damaged to and i tried another from similar laptop , i cant get it to work,gave up trying

I also have a D630, but never had this problem. Why not remove the button cover and access the actual button switch directly, since that seems to work? IE, remove the bezel that covers the buttons, bluetooth chip, and stuff, remove the button itself, and then directly access the real switch.

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