Hey everyone :)

Sorry I've been kind of absent from DaniWeb for the past week or so. I was actually working on a new side project. It's close to launch now, so I wanted to share it with you guys.


Keep in mind this is less than two weeks worth of coding, including the time it took to come up with the concept, so don't bash for it not being too feature-rich. What do you guys think so far?

I figured it's something I can use myself, as I sell advertising for a living, as you guys all know! :) So we'll see ...

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Thanks!! :) Like I said, it wasn't that many days coding, and it's only about ten minutes live. I think you're the first person that signed up who wasn't a friend who I messaged about it lol.

... So thank you for that!

No problem, always happy to help.

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Good luck with your new adventure, Dani!

Whats the purpose of that? something like another social-media but restricted to those who run own business? Anyway - all the best

It's a social media site, but certainly not restricted to those who run their own business. It's targeted at people who are in industries where they need to do a lot of networking to gain clients, etc.

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Can you compete with LinkedIn?

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I'm not trying to compete with LinkedIn ... If anything, our platform is built on top of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is all about virtually connecting business associates and people who know each other in real life. You can only connect with someone on LinkedIn, and access their complete profile, if you either know them personally (and know their email address already) or if you have a mutual first-level connection in person.

Dazah is all about finding those people you wouldn't otherwise know about, and offering one-on-one communication with them. LinkedIn offers no such live chat or messaging service.

You can actually connect with anyone on LinkedIn by just ticking the button to say you are their friend!

Whenever I do that, it asks me for their email address.

And, how are you meant to find their profile in the first place?

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Typing what into the searchbox, if you don't know them or know who to look for?

Hi, Dani.

Whenever I do that, it asks me for their email address.

If you try to send a connection request from the person's Profile page, yes, you are prompted for that person's email address, or to indicate what company you have worked at together. However, if you back out to a main page, or go back to your own home page, you can do a search for that person by name, and then send a connection request from the search results page without knowing that person's email address.

For example, say you'd like to connect with George Washington.
Go back to your home page.
Enter "George Washington" in the search field and restrict the search to people, so you don't turn up everything.
On the results listing page, check the one you want to connect to and click the "send invitation" button. LinkedIn will send the invitation.
Don't go further. If you click through to the person's profile page, or elsewhere, you will need their email address. Stay on the search results page.

And, how are you meant to find their profile in the first place?

If you know their name or the company they work for, you can do searches. Either by name. Or by company. Restrict your search to company, otherwise you will turn up everything. I do this quite often when I am looking at a company that interests me. I do a search for that company. Usually employees are listed along the right side. And from there, I make my way through connection, to connection, to connection, etc. and can usually view the bulk of the employees. And if you go to the Advanced Search page, you can restrict the search to geographical location, say, by zip code, if you only want to find employees in a specific division of a company.

If you click on Connect you get a list of options. Some of those will ask for your email but "Friend" doesn't.

How to find profiles - many ways, could be just someone who viewed your profile, or a connection of a connection or there are various search facilities.

I like your new site, I'm not critisizing it, I was just correcting you about how you thought you can connect with people on LinkedIn.

My post was in response to Reverend Jim, who asked how Dazah differs from LinkedIn. The answer is that, with LinkedIn, you need to know who you are searching for, as it is designed to connect you with people you already know, or at the very least, already know of. Dazah is akin to walking blind into a networking event of people in your industry, and picking and choosing who you'd like to meet by browsing their profiles one-by-one. Essentially LinkedIn isn't our competition ... we are a different form of social network built around the LinkedIn API.

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Ok my apologies just ignore me then.

I didn't want to start a new thread for this bu, Dani - you might not be surprised by this. Google is being sued for skewing search results.

The claim not only alleges that Google favors its own products over competitors' - even when the others are more popular - but also that the sponsored links shown on the search engine are heavily skewed by the amount of money paid to Google. For example, Moneycontrol.com is supposedly more popular in India than Google Finance and, yet, the latter is shown earlier on in the search results. Flipkart even went on to say that the position of its site in search results directly correlates with its advertisement spending.

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@RJ - the surprise is that somebody's actually doing something about it! Heh heh. You reckon SO has been giving them backhanders??

@Dani - thought I was first one to sign up for it :)