My name is Mike. I have been collecting and using used Macintosh Computers for about 10 years. I have everything from a MacSE running System 7.5.3 to 2 G4s Running the latest OSX software. But it gets better...

ALL of these computers are hooked up to a home network connected to the internet via DSL. There are 2 Dell computers hooked into this system as well. The Macs can see all of the other computers on the network, including the PCs. The PCs can see most of the Macs. The network has a total of 10 computers, and 2 printers. Some of the computers are wireless. All of the Macs are connected via Cat 5 cables.

I use Chicken of the VNC to "control" all but the Mac SE from my G4 in the basement. The other computers are in my COMPUTER LAB in a spare bedroom upstairs. I can and do control the PCs using the same software.

I have many parts of legacy computers I am trying to incorporate into the computer lab. Most of them are laptop SCSI hard drives. Most of the computers in the LAB have more than one monitor hooked up to them for added desktop acreage. Many of the Computers in the LAB have more than one hard drive installed as well, most of which came from computers that had failed power supplies or other issues.

I hope to use this forum to ask questions about making the home network more efficient, as well as what can and can't be done with leftover parts from other computers. I currently have 2 (maybe 3) laptop hard drives I want to hook up to one or more of the desk top units I have to recover the data and use as added storage space or back up drives.

I look forward to being a part of this organization, assuming Macintosh users are welcome and are abundant here.


The many Vista users here envy you a lot!
Welcome and congratulation on your wisdom to go with a Mac.