Everybody want to know the person of other name to whom he is talking? Even though name is the identity but in today so high-tech era, people do not care for name even thought ask as what is your name? I am sukhpal but who cares to remember it. But the way that someone perform in life force people to remember. Hope i will also force people to remember by doing such nice things which no one expected in life, which is still in the mind of someone but could not be real yet. I hope to do something like that. My hobbies are very interesting. interesting does not mean that these are the one which everyone like but from my point of view, i learn new things and new things always become interesting. First i learn to speak as everyone learn in childhood, then i learned how to let others to speak with the experience of my life. Then i inspired by painting and make many good paintings of nature, gods and much more.
This is not end of my hobby. I learned basketball, volleyball, cricket and badminton. Then i thought what will happen if flood come, so i start learning swimming to prepare myself for that situation. Now i am in between the technology so i am learning new languages and the way to do things which make sense to others.
Some spend all of their life to find which is the way to be happy. But i learned that the only way to be happy is to do what you want to. Some afraid from the thought that what if we can not earn too much money but i researched that if we do things what we want then more than 60% chances are to joy while job. This not make sense sometime. But let me ask you something. Do you feel tired from five busy days and say in weekends i want to take rest and enjoy some. Why you want enjoyment after work? have you thought that? We not tired from body but also from mind with work sometime because we not like that work but we do. In short, these are my hobbies to learn new things for preparing to tackle problems in real world.

Thanks you.
written with care, if anything you not like then just throw that away but if anything you really like then keep it with you always. This is my way of doing things, Keep good and throw the unnecessary stuff to the world.

Hi Sukhpal, nice to meet you :)