I am a student on my year work placement and I have been asked to develop a web based database for a company. I think my design is ok but I am a bit confused in a part...

The company wish to save emails in the database to and from customers, is this possible or how would i go about doing this? I have read quite a lot but i can't find anything that is what i need. It is not that the emails will hold information for an order specifically, there will not ba a email form or template, just generally saving the messages and dates etc. so other members of staff know what has been said to the customer etc.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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softwares to be used include wampserver,dreamweaver,fireworks

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You can just create a webpage(more like a suggestion or complaint box) with maybe four text-boxes. That would include one for the customers name, the other for an email(when a reply is to be sent), the third for subject, and the fourth for comments.

When this is done, you can create a table where contents of these four text-boxes are saved in the database. It should not give you much problems saving the message because its the same INSERT statement since all you want to do is just to save the messages

Hope you have a great stay at your workplace

As per the previous suggestion, you could provide a form where the information can be pasted and saved to the DB. This makes some sense if the process is selective and the volume isn't too high. It is also possible to read from a mailbox directly and then save the data without any human intervention. In that case you could store it under the email ID and that would be the link back to the customer.

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