I am looking for a program for a linux server that is php/MySQL based. The program should allow individual members to log in to their own section of the web site and list items they have for sale. The program shouldn't be a shopping cart per se, but act more like a platform, I guess.....or something like a classified ads program.

For instance, I have members Ben, Jay, Tom, Kyle, and Alex.
Ben and Jay sell parts for Ford Tractors,
Tom sells parts for Massey Tractors,
Kyle and Alex sells parts for Leyland products
and they all sell parts for John Deere.

Each member wants to list his parts for sale. The parts would be categorized by equipment the parts are for (John Deere tractors, John Deere mowers, etc.)
Some members have the same parts for sale as other members.
A guest viewer may need a part for his John Deere. The guest viewer should be able to do a search for the part he needs and what would come up would be a list of those parts available from all members who have listed those parts.
The guest viewer would then be able to contact the individual members about purchasing those parts and the individual members would then be responsible for making the sale (or not).

This program should have the ability for members to pay an annual fee for being listed on the web site that uses this program.

Is there such a program that exists? Can anyone help me find (or create) such a program?

Thanks for your time concerning this problem.